Alison Moloney

The Incidental

Alison commissioned The Incidental which was a community-generated website and newsletter created by and for the design community and devised by design curator Daniel Charny. Launched at the Milan Furniture Fair in 2009, The Incidental aggregated tweets, emails, comments in person and text messages into a daily printed pamphlet, designed by Åbäke, which was distributed throughout the city. The Incidental was recommissioned for The London Design Festival in September 2009, and included the addition of an open-house production base to encourage audience participation.

Milan Furniture Fair, Italy 22.04.09 – 24.04.09
London Design Festival 21.09.09 – 22.09.09

The Incidental commissioned by Alison Moloney, curated by Daniel Charny with graphics by Abake
The Incidental, London Design Festival 2009
The Incidental Issue 4 Friday 23 April 09